The Best Manual Coffee Brewing Methods At Home (our top 4)




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Finding the best manual coffee brewing methods at home is a task most coffee enthusiasts have gone through at some stage in their lives.

With a number of different ways of homebrewing, it is important to find the method that works best for you.

Not only should the process be nice and simple, but the flavours and intensity of the coffee must match your taste palette and preference.

For coffee lovers who want a better method for brewing coffee at home, we have
collated four of our favourite methods for manual coffee brewing at home which we shall
explore in further detail throughout this article.

Why Is It Important To Find The Best Manual Brewing Method?

The increasing trend for gourmet-level coffee making has resulted in a huge range of gadgets and differing opinions.

There is a wide belief that manual brewing methods provide better quality control and a
superior coffee brewing experience.

For many coffee lovers, it can be both more enjoyable and fascinating to have a hands-on approach throughout the brewing process as opposed to hitting a ‘brew’ button on a machine and simply waiting.

Best Manual Coffee Brewing Methods At Home

1) Pour Over/Drip Coffee

In short, all you need to do is pour hot water evenly over the coffee grounds placed into a paper filter.

gooseneck kettle, coffee brewing, pour over

With this method, gravity will do most of the work for you, as the coffee drips slowly
and directly into the cup or pot you are using until all of the coffee has dripped through.

Generally, coffee cones are made of plastic, glass, stainless steel or ceramic, with the shape of the cone and their filters influencing the flavours presented.

2) The French Press Method

It is argued to extract far superior flavours than alternate methods.

In a press pot, ground coffee is soaked, steeped and strained in hot water, resulting in the coffee’s flavourful essential oils, antioxidants and, of course, caffeine better diffused and preserved, leaving the purest flavours of the coffee.

The French press method is perfect for coffee drinkers who enjoy a luscious, complex and expressive taste experience.

3) The AeroPress Method

The AeroPress is made using plastic and comes in 3 parts.

aeropress, coffee brewing

A filter is placed in a coffee basket at the bottom of the brew chamber, coffee grounds are then rested in the brew chamber where the hot water is added, which then immerses and steeps the coffee.

In order to extract the coffee, a plunger is used by pressing downwards which creates air pressure as a result, forcing the brewed coffee through a filter and finally into a cup. Voila!

4) The Stovetop Moka Pot

First patented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, the stovetop brewing style consists of using steam pressure from boiled water within the lower section which passes through coffee grounds in the mid chamber of the pot.

The brewed coffee then sits in the higher chamber.

A well-designed stovetop pot will also create better pressure for an easier brewing process.

Best Manual Coffee Brewing Methods FAQs

frequently asked questions
Q. Which coffee brewing method is most efficient?

A. Long story short, you need to use about 15% more coffee when brewing with immersion, which means drip wins in an efficiency comparison.

Q. What is the manual coffee brewing method?

A. This classic manual-brew method, involves simply weighing out coffee, adding hot water, and walking away for a few minutes.

The result is a cup (or more) of coffee that can leave customers feeling like they’ve experienced something truly special.

Q. Are percolators better than drip?

A. The common consensus is that percolators brew stronger coffee because you’re basically getting double brewed coffee on the first go.

On the other hand, a drip coffee maker only runs water through once, making a brew that is cleaner and less strong

Q. What is Cowboy Coffee?

A. Cowboy coffee is essentially French press coffee without a filter.

Typically, this drink is made over an open flame, out on the trail, or at a campsite, where a coffee maker (or electricity for that matter) isn’t readily available.

Conclusion: Best manual coffee brewing methods at home

In conclusion, the best manual coffee brewing methods are those that produce the tastiest and most flavourful cup of coffee, and so different methods will suit different people.

Therefore, it is important to experiment to find the one that works best for you.

So, whichever method you choose, make sure you follow the instructions carefully to get the best results.

Because ultimately it’s more than just a stylish way to brew coffee, your preferred method will boil down to your own personal taste, time and technique!

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