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What is Double Brewed Specialty Coffee And How To Make One

  • Date: August 20, 2019
  • Time to read: 5 min.

two double brewed coffees in a glassDo you love specialty coffee, but you are tired of drinking a weak water downed brew? Or maybe you are the type of person that loves that extra kick to their mornings? 

For us, we were looking to experiment with our passion for specialty coffee, and it was not long until we came across a double brewed coffee. 

At first we couldn’t quite understand the logic behind the idea of a double brewed specialty coffee.

We started asking ourselves the obvious questions, what is double brewed coffee, how do you make double brewed coffee, and are there any extra benefits? We decided to dive in and do a little research to find out why people love it so much.

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What is a double brewed specialty coffee?

It turns out, not a lot of people actually know about double brewed coffee. 

In short, a doubled brewed specialty coffee is the idea of preparing a coffee with the intentions in making it double the flavour and an increase in caffeine. The biggest change to a double brew coffee is the stronger flavours it provides to make the perfect at home specialty coffee brew.

How do you make double brewed specialty coffee?

There are two methods to making a double brewed coffee.

  1. Brew your coffee with double the amount of ground then your usual standard cup of coffee.
  2. Brew your coffee twice with the same ground, but with your already brewed coffee instead of new water.
Method 1:

Brew your coffee with double the grind.

This method is best for those who use drip coffee makers as running already prepared coffee through these machines will eventually damage it. 

The method is very quick and very easy, even for those beginner baristas. Basically your standard cup of coffee has no more than two tablespoons of coffee grind, therefore, when preparing a double brew, this method would require you to add four tablespoons of coffee. Sounds a lot huh? Of course it is, we are talking double brew here.

Method 2:

Brew your coffee with your already brewed coffee twice.

Although not as simple as method 1, this method is our preferred method, and is for those who generally use coffee makers such as the French press, AeroPress, and similar makers involving manual brewing.

It is ideal for those who may have a coffee maker that does not have the capacity to hold double the coffee grind, which is required for method 1.

With this method we are not going to change up the ratio of coffee ground, you will just need to make your coffee as normal. Once you have done that, you will repeat the process, however, this time instead of using water, you will be using your already brewed coffee.

And there we have it, two pretty simple methods to making a double brewed coffee for all types of different coffee makers.

What is the best type of coffee to use for a specialty double brew?

Now you know what a double brew specialty coffee is, and how to make one, you are probably thinking it’s time to give it a try for yourself? But you have one last question, what coffee should you use to ensure you make the best brew possible?

Like most other coffee brewing methods, the coffee you choose is ultimately up to you, there is no right or wrong answer, as we all have different taste preferences, plus, double brew coffee does not involve to many technicalities like some other brews in the coffee industry.

But if you are looking to make the best double specialty brew possible, then we would recommend starting with lighter roasted single origin specialty coffee beans. 

Double brew packs a pretty good punch already, a dark roast bean could make your coffee even more intense, and therefore, possibly a lot harder to drink, for some, maybe too much. We have tried a few options, but one of our favourites is Coffee Masters Triple Certified Espresso Beans, which you can check out over on Amazon.

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If you are new to making double brew specialty coffees, mixing a variety of different beans would be a pretty good idea too. It will deliver a variety of different flavours for you to experiment with until you find the coffee bean that suits your taste preferences the best.

What are the benefits?

Because a double brew coffee is like your typical coffee, but basically double the strength, and packing more caffeine and concentrated flavours, it has many benefits, however, there are a few key benefits that stand out.

More Caffeine

What everyone seems to crave in the morning. If you live that busy 9-5 day, or just typically not a morning person, then double brewed coffee has got you covered. Maybe you have left your exam to the very last minute and you are now in for a late night study session, well double brew coffee, we told you already, it has you covered.

More Concentrated Flavours

Which makes it ideal for specialty beverages, such as iced coffee. Double brewed coffee is a perfect base flavour especially for those home made ice coffees in the summer. If you are anything like us, I am sure you have attempted to make an epic iced coffee, only to be pretty disappointed?

Generally, when making iced coffee you think to just add ice, however, this will quickly water down, and will put a bit of a damper to your finished brew. Double brew specialty coffee will therefore make up for this due to its strong bold flavours, and your ice coffee game will be hard to beat.

Replace those who like their espressos 

The thing is, making espresso at home, especially without the right equipment can actually be pretty hard. A Lot can go into an espresso to give it a velvety rich flavour. So if you are yet to master the art of espresso making, then the double brew will give you that stronger espresso like taste which you can implement in your lattes, mochas, and other espresso brews.


Everyone loves a brewed coffee, so why not try a double brew, to give your daily coffee fix a stronger, bolder and more flavoursome kick. It may just be that extra boost you need to have a more productive and longer day.

With two easy methods to making a double brew specialty coffee, there really is not much science behind the brew, however, this method of coffee easily solves the need for a quick boost in extra caffeine, and bolder flavours towards other specialty coffee brews such as your summer iced coffee fixes. 

Have you had a specialty double brew coffee? How do you make your’s? Share your experience below. 😀

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