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best pre-ground coffee for moka pot

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Moka Pot coffee is a strong-bodied and intense brew, with a special smokiness in the taste.

To get this flavour in a full-bodied way in your cup, you need to grind the beans very finely before brewing them.

In a hurry? Here is our top pick for the best pre-ground coffee for Moka Pot on Amazon

The best pre-ground coffee for moka pot is a medium roast Arabica, ground to a powder consistency, and if you want smoky tasting moka pot coffee, then go with a darker roast.

We have researched and tested some of the best pre-ground coffee for moka pot coffee makers.

This article will help you save time and money so you can continue to enjoy your daily brew.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pre-Ground Coffee in a Moka Pot?

There are several advantages to using pre ground coffee in a moka pot:

– Saves time

Even though the brewing is done quite quickly (only 2 minutes) with a moka pot, grinding whole beans takes about the same time.

With pre ground coffee you can skip this step and go straight to brewing your coffee.

– Saves money

Whole beans are typically more expensive than pre ground coffee.

When using whole beans, you can only use what you need for your brew and the rest will go to waste.

– Freshness conservation

Ground coffee naturally looses its flavour within one hour after grinding.

If you grind enough beans for two cups of coffee, you will have to drink the second cup within an hour.  

Otherwise, your brew will just taste stale.

pre-ground coffee, moka pot, specialty coffee

– Consistent grind

When grinding whole beans, it is hard to get a consistent grind size that ensures a perfect extraction.

With pre ground coffee this is not a problem.

– Better coffee aroma

Whole beans give a better idea of the coffee’s fragrance and you can adjust your brewing to get the most out of it.

The smell of ground coffee has been altered by the grinder and is more intense than that of whole beans.

What Is The Best Pre-Ground Coffee For Moka Pot?

Here is a full list of our top 4 pre-ground coffee for the Moka Pot:

1. Aussie Health Co Organic Enema Coffee

Looking for a fun, organic way to enjoy your enemas?

Look no further than Aussie Health’s Roasted Organic Enema Coffee.

Their unique blend of beans is roasted at 419° F to produce the highest amount of palmitic acid possible, for optimal results.

Plus, their coffee is USDA certified organic, ensuring that it’s free from toxic chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

So why wait? Try Aussie Health’s Roasted Organic Enema Coffee today!

2. Stone Street Coffee

Stone Street Coffee is a small batch, roaster of specialty coffees that are fresh roasted and shipped directly to you.

Their coffee beans are selected from the top 2% of Arabica coffee beans grown around the world.

100% Arabica Blend with five different coffees resulting in a rich crema and unmistakable velvety elegance.

Stone Street Coffee roast their premium blend in small batches to preserve its flavour and aroma.

All orders are roasted to order and guaranteed fresh!

3. Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee’s medium roast, ground coffee is perfect for the morning crowd who want a bright, chocolaty concoction with a honeyed berry body.

Grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way, by farmers with sustainable businesses they can depend on, this coffee is organic, Fairtrade, Kosher, Shade Grown, and Arabica.

best pre ground coffee for moka pot

Kicking Horse coffee has tasting notes of red currant, sugar cane, and milk chocolate, with a honeyed berry body.

Perfect for Moka pot, as well as drip, pour over and cold brew.

4. illy Coffee

Illy coffee’s signature Italian blend, premium gourmet roasted coffee, is a well-defined body with an intense aromatic flavour.

It has been brewed for over 90 years in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

best pre ground coffee for moka pot

Every can of illy coffee contains 100% Arabica beans from the world’s most prestigious growing regions.

This richly aromatic coffee is available in three varieties: Moka Ground, Classico Medium Roast and Espresso Forte Dark Roast.

What is The Best Roast Level For Moka Pot?

The appropriate roast level for Moka Pot coffee is also very important.

The beans need to be roasted light (similar to the color of popcorn or parched wheat) but not darker (like dark-roasted espresso).

If you use a darker roast (like French or Italian Roast), then your Moka Pot will give more of the smoky taste that is more like regular coffee.

A lighter roast (similar to golden brown) gives you a better experience with espresso-style flavors and aromas.

The more smoky taste you want, the darker you roast the beans.

What Is The Best Grind Size For Moka Pot Coffee?

Depending on the type of moka pot you use, the grind size should range between powder sugar and coarse sea salt.

For a 3-piece pot, this would mean using a fine to medium grind; for a 2-piece pot, you need an extra fine or Turkish grind.

To make sure you are grinding correctly for your particular moka pot, the best idea would be to try a small sample first before making a whole batch of coffee.

It is also important that you use water that is not too hot or boiling.

It should be just-off the boil at around 92 – 96 degrees Celsius – any hotter and it will burn the grinds resulting in an overly bitter and unpleasant taste.

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How To Store Pre-Ground Coffee For The Best Flavour?

To keep your pre-ground coffee fresh and flavourful, you need to ensure it is stored correctly.

If you plan on using the ground coffee within a week or so, the best place to store your beans would be in an air-tight container in a dark pantry.

Once ground, the shelf life of coffee will only be about two weeks.

For long-term storage (i.e. a month or so), you can store your coffee in an airtight container in the freezer while making sure the container is opaque and doesn’t let any light inside.

Please note that once opened, pre-ground coffee will only remain fresh for a few days.

Editors Choice

All of the pre-ground coffees in this article we would recommend.

However, if we had to choose a winner out of the 4 listed, it would be Illy Coffee’s Signature Italian Blend.

Not because it is a little more expensive than some of the others listed, but for the fact that illy has more than 30 years dedicating to perfecting their coffee and beans.

Therefore, this pre-ground coffee has a huge variety to choose from, and to suit almost every taste and preference.

Best Pre-Ground Coffee For Moka Pot F.A.Q’s?

frequently asked questions
Q. What is the best type of bean for moka pot?

A. Preference will vary depending on taste, but Arabica beans tend to be more popular.

Q. Can I use an espresso ground for moka pot?

A. If your moka pot is a two-piece, you can use a fine grind of espresso coffee.

However, it is recommended that you use pre-ground coffee instead as the taste may be altered on a one-piece model.

Q. How long can I keep pre-ground coffee for moka pot?

A. Pre-ground coffee will only stay fresh for around two weeks. If it’s not used by then, try switching to whole bean instead.

Q. What type of grinder do I need for moka pot?

A. If you plan on doing it manually, you’ll just need a typical hand-crank coffee grinder.

However, if you want an easier process, you can opt for a blade grinder or standard electric burr.

Conclusion: Best Pre-Ground Coffee For Moka Pot

This article was an attempt to help you choose the best pre-ground coffee for moka pot.

We went over the various types of brands available on the market, as well as their respective qualities and benefits.

We also discussed the best roast level for moka pot coffee as well as the appropriate grind size to ensure the perfect cup.

Overall I hope that you have gained enough knowledge to be able to make a better decision about your next purchase of coffee beans for your Moka Pot.

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