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Specialty Instant Coffee | Top 5 Brands of Specialty Instant Coffee

It seems like specialty instant coffee either saves your life or a punchline. There isn’t anything between them. 

The right cup provides you with the much needed nourishment in a pinch, whereas the wrong one tastes like a damp mulch. 

As the name suggests, instant coffee can be prepared quickly and conveniently.

Although instant coffee dates back to the 18th century, the concept was accepted around 1910 when it was sold for the first time. 

However, choosing the right specialty instant coffee can be daunting because of the presence of so many brands. 

In this article, we will save you the time and review 5 top brands of specialty instant coffee for you to buy.

Quick Peek at Top 5 Brands of Specialty Instant Coffee

Top 5 Brands of Specialty Instant Coffee

1. Mount Hagen: Best Organic Instant Coffee

To begin with, Mount Hagen Organic Coffee tastes great and it’s certified by Fair-trade.

Because this coffee is organic, you won’t get any kind of additives or pesticides.

The 3.53-ounce jar of Mount Hagen coffee produces around 50 cups of delicious coffee.

The coffee beans are collected by quality and size to ensure premium taste.

The organic production method lets you achieve a pleasant and delicate taste.

Also, it preserves the natural supplements that are good for your overall health. The Mount Hagen Organic Coffee is the best one for people who are looking for natural coffee without wanting much bitterness in their mouths.

The Company has been sourcing the coffee beans from the mountains of Papua since 1986.

So, it’s over three decades that Mount Hagen has been able to perfect the instant blend. The online reviews of this premium coffee brand are positive and overwhelming. Almost every drinker gave it five stars as ratings.

Praises range from the product’s travel convenience to its reasonable price to its delicious taste.

To get the best out of this wonderful drink, all you have to do is stir a teaspoonful of ground coffee in a cup of boiling water to get the taste that is quite better compared to the original thing.

Mount Hagen coffee beans are made from Arabica beans. The use of carbon dioxide, as well as soft roasting, gives an unmatched taste useful for people living a healthy lifestyle.

Fair-trade, organic, and deliciously smooth are some of the rare qualities that make Mount Hagen one of the best instant coffee you can find around.

2. Joe Coffee: Best Single Serve Instant Coffee

Joe Coffee gets processed in small batches to allow the delicate and complex flavour of the roast to make it shine.

Because of this, you get a concentrated, pre-brewed specialty instant coffee that makes a perfect cup in a single-serve, convenient format.

A box of Joe Coffee contains six separate 5g sachets of premium instant coffee.

To get the smoothest experience of having an amazing coffee, you have to add about 8 to 10 ounces of hot or cold water and enjoy the drink.

This daily blend is an easy-drink that balances brightness and body with a hint of sweetness.

The coffee blend has been in New York since 2003, and has been a favourite drink for many.

Consumers have gone crazy for these beans. That’s because Joe coffee beans undergo a rigorous selection process to make sure the quality doesn’t get compromised. The coffee grounds balance the sweetness of caramel or chocolate alongside medium roast.

Joe Coffee is quite similar to a barista-type coffee. You can take it anywhere you want.

The 6-serving box comes around $3 a single cup, which is a hefty price range.

However, from a delicious point of view, the price might be worth it. For superior quality, the company relies on rigorous standards while choosing the coffee beans to roast.

3. Waka Coffee: Overall Best Instant Coffee

When it is about preserving the aroma and taste of coffee, Waka Coffee knows how to do that right.

Because of the freeze-dried technology, Waka Coffee infuses with the real taste of citrus. The coffee has a low-acidic, smooth taste along with a citrus hint.

It has an original roasted flavour taste with less bitterness. The fresh, rich taste comes from the freeze-dried coffee contained in every eight packets of 0.1-oz each.

The rich coffee flavour gets preserved better in the freeze-drying method rather than air drying.

On top of that, Waka Coffee dissolves more quickly and effectively, leaving no signs of sludgy residue at the bottom of your cup. In short, the coffee delivers you the full flavour.

If you want to experience a cup of freshly brewed Arabica coffee, an 8-ounce of boiling water and a packet of Waka Coffee is all you need to have.

People have appreciated its taste and it is evident by the positive reviews you get to see online.

Even the price of Waka Coffee is at par with other brands on the market. This way, it helps you to manage your coffee budget by providing you with a variety of options.

An 8-pack box of Waka Coffee is good for a start and later you can opt for the 24-pack box.

Both of these options provide you with separate coffee servings. As such, it becomes easy to measure the quantity and makes traveling fun.

People have welcomed Waka Coffee, and now it’s your turn.

4. Starbuks Via Instant: Best Instant Iced Coffee

Without Starbucks, the best instant coffee review is incomplete.

So, here it is, one of the leading brands in the instant coffee industry is Starbucks Via Instant.

That’s because every grain of coffee is selected carefully and packaged with the utmost caution.

This way, you get the most balanced, aromatic, tasty, and healthy coffee you can have in the cup.

The Starbucks Sweetened Iced Coffee tastes even great when you stir it into cold water. You can enjoy cool coffee anywhere within a few minutes. Even the best instant coffee won’t taste nice when you stir them into cold water.

But, this instant iced coffee is quite different from the other brands. It tastes better when prepared with cold water.

The light sweetened flavour of natural sugarcane gives you the feeling of a refreshing, mild flavour of the coffee beans.

Also, the roasted Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America adds further to its taste making it an amazing cool drink.

This coffee has a little bitter taste that you can find familiar with many instant coffee brands, and you can easily relate the flavour to Starbucks in general.

Almost every instant coffee is made using air-dried and sprayed particles. Furthermore, they are blended in finely ground coffee beans.

That way, you get plenty of rich coffee flavour from it. When served with ice, this specialty instant coffee becomes so refreshing that you will drink a glass pretty fast without even noticing.

Each packet has enough instant coffee required for two servings. The preparation of your glass won’t take much time and you can have the most high-quality instant iced coffee on the market.

5. Nescafe Clasico: Best Decaf Instant Coffee

Nescafe makes great coffee and everyone must have used their products in their lifetime.

The roasting is done in a specialised manner and allows the grain to remain soft.

As such, the product has good taste properties. You can attain that by intensive cooking methods.

The coffee is stored in a glass jar so that you can use it for a longer time. A glass jar is way better than any other jars because it preserves the aroma along with other useful substances.

Hence, the drink turns out to be the best in its class. This feature makes the product much popular.

Apart from that, the Nescafe Clasico instant coffee uses 100% Arabica coffee.

That’s the reason why it is loved by people worldwide. Many people treat it as their morning cup of specialty instant coffee. Therefore, a mug of Nescafe Decaf tastes good compared to other regular coffee.

Nescafe’s Decaf instant coffee is a light-to-medium roasted blend that won’t be out of place in your kitchen, at a dinner, or in the break room.

You won’t find fruity notes that represent a plate full of berries or a caramel sweetness that ignites thoughts about a holiday. It tastes like a cup of regular coffee.

But, with so many brands producing instant coffee way more than a regular cup of coffee, that’s not a putdown.

Rather, it is a nod of approval. The Nescafe Decaf instant coffee deserves better than decent. It needs to be called good. Lastly, the jar comes with 80 packets of decaf coffee at a much affordable price, which is quite lower than the others.

Specialty Instant Coffee F.A.Q’s

frequently asked questions
Q: Can I make instant coffee with ground coffee?

A: Most companies make instant coffee by freeze-drying it or dehydrating it in other ways, however, it is also possible to make it by grinding coffee beans into a fine powder.

Q: What is the difference between filter coffee and instant coffee?

A: Filter coffee in general, is coffee beans that have been roasted and ground, and is for use in coffee makers.

Instant coffee is normally a coffee that has already been made and is dried into a dehydrated state, hence we just add water and get coffee.

Q: Does instant coffee dissolve in milk?

A: Instant coffee will dissolve just fine in milk or even cream, however, flavour-wise it’s going to be more like a weak latte than coffee.

Q: Why won’t my instant coffee dissolve?

A: If the water is too cool, too little of the coffee bean will dissolve in the water, this results in an under-extracted brew. 

The method of using water “just off the boil” ensures the water isn’t too cold or too hot.


Sometimes people need a quick cup of coffee, and that’s when there is no better way to start the morning than with specialty instant coffee, filled with the unique flavours and aromas.

Although most people would normally turn their nose at instant coffee, the recent rise of specialty instant coffee has now changed that.

“Coffee is a special thing, and I think it’s important that we encourage more people to buy ethically sourced and better- quality coffee – Specialty instant coffee certainly makes it a lot easier to do so”.

David Kovalevski, founder Waka Coffee

If you are looking for reliable instant coffee, the specialty instant coffee we have listed in this article can serve your purpose.

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