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Have you ever seen or heard of the ORIGAMI coffee dripper? It’s a relatively new (and still quite unknown) device that is shaking up the world of specialty coffee.

What is the origami coffee dripper? The origami coffee dripper is a manual coffee brewing method that is said to produce a better cup of coffee than other methods.

So why should you care?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ORIGAMI coffee dripper and explain in further detail for you, what it is and how it works.

What Is Drip Coffee?

To get a better understanding of the origami coffee dripper, it is first important to understand what drip coffee actually is.

You may or may not be familiar with the term “drip coffee,” but we have no doubt that if you’ve ever consumed coffee, you’ve experienced drip coffee.

Quite simply, it is coffee brewed by letting hot water flow over roasted and ground beans.

The water seeps through the grounds, extracting the flavour of the bean as it goes.

The strength and flavour of the resulting cup of coffee depends on a variety of factors, including the type of bean, the grind size, how long it’s brewed for, and how much water is used.

But no matter how you make it, there’s no denying that drip coffee is a classic morning ritual for many people.

What Makes Drip Coffee Different?

When compared to espresso, drip coffee relies on gravity to bring the water down through the grounds and thermally created pressure to push it up to the showerhead.

It dissolves a lot less of the soluble mass of the coffee, and the paper filters used in this brew technique capture a lot of the oils that would otherwise be present in espresso, French press, or percolator coffee.

Brewing coffee this way is simple, inexpensive, and immensely popular among Americans who refer to “drip coffee” as “coffee”.

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What Is The Origami Coffee Dripper?

For the coffee aficionado who wants to make the best tasting cup of coffee possible, the origami dripper is a gorgeous and extremely practical pour over dripper.

The spirit of the fun, colourful, imaginative, yet sensitive craft is reflected in the dripper of the same name, which shares much of this in brewing coffee.

The origami dripper became really popular after it was used in the World Brewers Cup in 2019 by Du Jianing of China, and she ended up winning the competition.

The presentation in the competition made the origami dripper look so flawless and magnificent that it caught the eye of a lot of people. 

The pour-over dripper has 20 perfectly spaced deep vertical grooves that allow water to flow freely through your coffee grinds bed.

To adjust the brew duration, air pockets are generated between the filter and the Dripper, resulting in a precise extraction every time.

The origami drippers are made of Mino porcelain, which is one of Japan’s most distinguished potteries with over 400 years of history.

Porcelain has a wonderful thermal conductivity, boosting the qualities of the brew with a rich fragrance and extraction to the fullest degree, and is known for its unsurpassed quality and longevity.

The Dripper’s conical form makes it the greatest match for most brew stands and carafes.

So those who enjoy the craft of brewing coffee and creating beautiful things will adore the origami dripper.

How To Use The Origami Coffee Dripper?

To use the dripper, you’ll need to place it on top of a cup or mug, and then put your coffee grounds inside.

You can either use a paper filter or just pour the grounds directly into the dripper.

Next, slowly pour hot water over the grounds until they’re saturated.

Let the coffee drip down into the cup or mug, and enjoy!

How Was The Designed Created?

The Origami design is a centuries-old Japanese skill of paper folding that is both simple and gorgeous.

The dripper’s distinctive form is the result of collaboration between the origami design team and the bartenders with whom they’ve worked.

In the middle of the filter and dripper, twenty vertical gutters generate numerous air routes, adjusting the production speed and providing baristas complete authority over the brewing time.

It’s made of Mino-yaki pottery, which is a thinner version of traditional ceramic drippers.

As a consequence, heat is dissipated more quickly, resulting in a vibrant and gentler extraction.

The configuration guarantees that the flavour and fragrance of the beans are utilised to their utmost capacity, thanks to the cone form that allows for an ideal blooming experience.

It comes in two sizes: S and M, which are suited for 1-2 and 2-4 cup pour-overs, respectively.

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Why Use The Origami Coffee Dripper?

Perhaps the most valuable reason to why you should use the origami dripper is its unique adaptability.

For starters, it works with either a Kalita wave or a Hario v60 filter, as well as the recipes that come with them.

It’s also available in a variety of hues to suit the brewer’s own tastes.

These factors, together with the dripper’s ability to alter extraction speed, provide the brewer with a lot of creative latitudes. 

Various brewers have devised their own methods for brewing their perfect cup of coffee using the origami dripper, and they are still looking for new ways to do it.

To use the Origami, you’ll need a holding ring (typically made of wood or plastic) to assist you to place the dripper over the mug/server properly. 

What Are The Features?

Inspired by Art

The Dripper’s design is influenced by Origami, a Japanese folding craft.

Ceramics of the Highest Quality

Mino Porcelain has a 400-year history and is known for its high quality.

Enhanced Flow

Twenty deep grooves provide air pockets, allowing water to flow freely.

Thermal Stability at its Finest

Your coffee will stay at a steady temperature thanks to the ceramic dripper.

Additional Dripper Holder

Each origami dripper comes with a holder that can be placed on a server or cup while it is brewing.

Dual Size

The ‘S’ will yield 1-2 cups, while the ‘M’ will yield 2-4 cups.

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What Are The Advantages of Using an Origami Coffee Dripper?

There are several benefits of using an origami coffee dripper:

  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • Makes a great cup of coffee.
  • It’s affordable and portable.
  • Does not require any electricity or batteries.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • It’s a great way to reduce your environmental impact.

What Are The Disadvantages of Using an Origami Coffee Dripper?

  • Can be quite difficult to fold the paper correctly.
  • Need for more filters.
  • Can be quite messy to use.
  • Coffee may not be as hot as with other methods.
  • May be weak or less flavourful.
  • The process can be slow and cumbersome.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
Q. Where can I buy an origami coffee dripper?

A. You can buy an origami coffee dripper online or at a local store.

Q. How much does an origami coffee dripper cost?

A. An origami coffee dripper typically costs around $10.

Q. How do I clean an origami coffee dripper?

A. If you have a paper filter, you can simply remove it and throw it away.

If you don’t have a paper filter, you can use a toothbrush to clean the inside of the origami coffee dripper. Be sure to rinse it well with hot water before using it again.

Q. How much coffee can I brew with the origami coffee dripper?

A. The origami coffee dripper is a convenient way to brew coffee without using a pot.

It can be used to brew between 2 and 12 ounces of coffee.


Overall, The ORIGAMI coffee dripper is a new and innovative way to make your daily cup of joe.

The unique design allows you to control the strength and flavour of your coffee.

Due to this control, you can get a result without any of the bitterness often associated with traditional brewing methods.

Furthermore, this coffee dripper provides the freedom to express a wide and profound range of coffee flavours, as coffee is a beverage that is used by 95% of Americans first thing when they wake up in the morning.

So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned barista, the ORIGAMI coffee dripper is sure to please.

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