Beginners Guides

If you are new to Specialty Coffee, then you are in the right place. Our beginner’s guides take you through everything you need to know when brewing Specialty Coffee, including topics like what is Specialty Coffee, the processes in making it, and how to make a good brew with an AeroPress (both ways)

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Can You Roast Coffee Beans Twice?

Specialty coffee has several variations of roasting, however, can you roast coffee beans twice in order to change the flavours to suit your preferences? Being one of the most vital ingredients that drive many nations worldwide, people are always trying to find ways to improve their daily coffee addiction.  Some people like coffee milder, offering…

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What Do Shiny Coffee Beans Mean? | Dark Vs Light Roast

Shiny coffee beans are also called oily coffee beans because of their sheen and glossy appearance. Sometimes, newly converted coffee lovers are amused to see shiny coffee beans. However, many don’t know whether the shiny appearance is a sign of good coffee or bad coffee. What do shiny coffee beans mean? Shiny coffee beans mean…

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What Is Inconsistent Coffee Roast | and how to avoid it?

If coffee beans are roasted unevenly and inconsistently, then it can affect its flavour as well as aroma to a considerable level

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Does Stainless Steel Affect Coffee Flavour?

Asking about does stainless steel affect coffee flavour is bound to have an animated and passionate discussion.  Specialty coffee is an extremely sensitive topic and a discussion on any of its aspects attracts widespread views and comments.  Coffee can be consumed from a wide variety of different cups, mugs, and thermos flasks, stainless steel being…

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What Is Bold Coffee | Bold vs Regular Coffee

The different roasting methods of coffee beans allows the coffee to have a distinctive aroma and taste. One such variant of coffee is bold coffee which is often misunderstood in general. There are several different flavours of coffee which gives a rise to a number of specialty coffee beverages.  These flavours are usually induced from…

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How to Fix Weak Coffee | and prevent it

Nothing can be worse than a weak tasting cup of specialty coffee, and sometimes you cannot get the taste of what you expect from your favourite brew, so you will have to find ways on how to fix weak coffee.  Actually, you can fix your cup of weak coffee in several ways. But before fixing…

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Do Coffee Beans Absorb Smell? | Eliminate Odours

Coffee may be one of your favourite beverages, but have you ever thought about if coffee beans absorb smell? A bad smell is a nose sting and leaves you looking for a good smelling candle or an incense stick to ward it away.  So if you are experiencing a bad smell, you no longer need…

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What is the difference between Americano and Filter Coffee?

People often get confused when it comes to what the difference between americano and filter coffee is. While some may think that they are generally the same, the differences are vast. Understanding these differences will help you before you order your next cup of coffee. What is the difference between Americano and filter coffee? Well…

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What’s the Best Way to Start Drinking Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee has an acquired taste that for some can be hard to get into, but with the right knowledge and resources, specialty coffee can open up huge opportunities for those wanting to start drinking coffee. Many love the smell of specialty coffee but can be easily overwhelmed when trying to find the right flavours…

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Is Specialty Coffee Ethical? | Specialty Vs Commercial Coffee

With the recent rise in popularity of Specialty Coffee, there has been a lot of talk about ethical coffee, which has particularly grown over the last five decades since Specialty Coffee was first mentioned in 1974.  After all, coffee is all about integrity of its taste, flavour, texture, and body. The integrity must be maintained…