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The Starbucks brand is presented globally and in America as a place to serve espresso, tea, food, and much more, but how can you land a Starbucks barista job with no experience?

Along with tens of thousands of shops, this is one of the most well-known coffee shops with the famous sea logo inspired by a two-sided seamaid from Greek mythology.

Connecting people for a cup of coffee, Starbucks has become one of the best-known companies worldwide.

A job at a Starbucks coffee shop is very similar to a job among friends, and working here, you are not an employer, workers are called partners because they believe in common goals and prosperity, and partners are their most valuable resource. 

Students can apply for work in Starbucks in the summertime on the Work and Travel USA program (304 months). This vacancy is also open in the Internship USA program (6-12 months).

What Makes A Resume Editing Important?

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So a job at a Starbucks coffee shop is different from other jobs because you fashion opportunities of connecting customers throughout the world.

You will make tasty drinks and create relations with customers and other partners, and therefore, big advantages and a warmly welcoming atmosphere are what is waiting for you here. 

Getting a job at a Starbucks coffee shop, a candidate should be 17 years old and there is no expertise required for an entry-level job, however, hiring managers might prefer candidates who have some work experience in the services sector. 

What Are The Work Environment and Benefits At Starbucks?

A friendly atmosphere is what matters for a job at Starbucks.

The job is about making customers happy, meeting their requirements and finding common ground with other employers.

When hiring, the employers are getting a fair basic payment, benefits and discounts.

Career Advancement Opportunities  

Any highly motivated employer has the potential to become a manager.

The company promotes employers to leadership positions from the inside.

Management positions in Starbucks offer pay packages, however, require excellent organisational and interpersonal skills. 

Job-seekers may feel free to apply for a part or full-time job.

At Starbucks, the following vacancies are open on regular basis:


  • Employers make food or drinks and keep the workplace clean.
  • Rates of pay are minimum wage + tips.
  • Employers should have a good attitude and basic knowledge about coffee.


  • Cashiers check purchases.
  • Employers get a minimum hourly wage.
  • Employers should have good communication and client service skills.  

Management (for participants of the Internship USA)

  • Managers implement corporate standards, train employers, and promote sales initiatives;
  • Options of yearly wage start from $25 000 up to $60 000.
  • Candidates should be not younger than 18 years old, with work experience in retail trade or a restaurant. 

Is it Difficult to Get a Job at Starbucks? 

In fact, it was reported that “Finding a job at Starbucks is incredibly difficult”.

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In 2014, a company spokesman said they received a whopping 4 million retail job applications and only hired 50,000 people.

The barista profession is very young, it is not yet 30 years old.

It is clear that people brewed coffee in coffee houses before the 1980s, but it never occurred to anyone to single out this work as a separate type of career and even creativity, to learn skills in special institutions.

Usually, the owner of the shop or more experienced colleagues showed the newcomer how to use the coffee machine, and that was the end of the education.

Today, baristas are respected people, they give interviews to reputable publications, participate in international competitions and, of course, some of them make good money. 

Thanks to the big coffee chains like Starbucks for this heyday, they turned the person at the counter into an additional customer attraction factor.

On the other hand, the requirements have also increased – a good barista must understand coffee varieties, have a delicate scent and taste, know everything or almost everything about the history of the drink, and be able to prepare at least a dozen coffee cocktails.

One might get the impression that barista is a predominantly male profession.

In fact, relentless statistics confirm the opposite as more than two-thirds of all baristas in the world (68%) are female, respectively, and only 32% are of the stronger sex. 

The average length of work in this position rarely exceeds 4 years, no more than 10% of baristas continue to develop a career after 5 years or more. 

What Is The History of the Barista Profession?

The barista profession originally comes from Italy.

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However, it became famous thanks to Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, who visited Italy in 1980 and was delighted with the beauty of coffee making.

He filmed all the elements of making and serving the drink and showed it in America, thus, the coffee shop soon began to prosper and bring in even more income. 

Barista and the owner of the shop: two in one is a frequent occurrence 

In Europe, baristas are men from 30 years old and above, since in America this activity brings rather high profits.

Also, the fact is that being a barista in Europe is not a job, but a vocation.

Basically, a barista in Europe is both the owner of the cafe and the waiter and cleaner and in Russia, baristas are mainly employed by girls aged 18-23. 

Today in Italy there are even family clans that grow coffee beans themselves, prepare and roast them with their own hands, and know a huge number of variations of making coffee drinks. 

Tips On Applying For A Job

To participate in the Work and Travel USA, students may apply paper-based or online.

Those who are looking for a more advanced career (the Internship USA), should provide their resume and a cover letter as it may show passion for the position.

Every employer has to check if all the forms are filled out correctly.

Status of the application on a job receiving

The best way to check the application form for a job at Starbucks is to apply as soon as possible as long as the information about the vacancy is in demand.  

Advantages of a job at Starbucks 

Manual for working at Starbucks is generous for both, part-time and staff members. For most of them, the right to participate starts from 20 hours a week. Incentives for employment include:

  • Paid leave, sick leave, and other personal occasions;
  • Stock purchase plans with discounts;
  • Full health insurance including ophthalmological, and stomatological;
  • Assisting in educating working students;
  • Discounts for food and drinks for employers per shift;
  • Limited life insurance. 

Starbucks Barista Job With No Experience: Additional Information

The network has such goods as French presses, cups, and souvenirs for sale.

Customers can buy bags of Starbucks coffee to drink at home too, and many employers are even getting a free pound every week.

If you want to get a job at Starbucks, start with registration today.

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