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Can You Air Fry Coffee Beans?

Whether your preference is French press, drip, pour over or espresso, one of the most common ways to make coffee at home is using an air fryer. Air frying can create flavours within your food that are both delicious and healthy while, cooking the food with a small amount of oil. Can You Air Fry […]

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What Does Siphon Coffee Taste Like?

There are a lot of myths surrounding siphon coffee, and therefore, many people are not actually sure what siphon coffee taste like. A fair majority of people think siphon coffee is too hard to make and it’s better left up to the professionals. Others feel that siphon coffee isn’t as satisfying or rich as normal […]

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Soulhand Specialty Coffee Product Review

The Specialty Coffee industry has never been bigger, and this is why we are excited to share with you our most recent Soulhand product review. With the huge popularity rise in Specialty Coffee, more and more options are becoming available for those at home coffee baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike. Although the growing number of […]

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What Is A Chemex Coffee Maker | Chemex Brewing Guide

An iconic piece of brewing equipment in the Specialty Coffee industry, the Chemex coffee maker has been seen all over the world, with its stylish design and easy to use brewing methods. So why is this brewing used all over the world with Specialty Coffee enthusiasts?  What is a chemex coffee maker? A chemex coffee […]