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Although the French press brewing method is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods in a lot of households, many are still on the hunt for the best pre-ground coffee for French press.

In a hurry? Here is our two top picks for the best pre-ground coffee for French Press from Amazon.

It is important to understand that the final taste and aroma of your finished brew depends on so many factors, and arguably the most important factor is the selection of coffee beans and the grinding process.

The best pre-ground coffee for French press is a rich, full bodied medium-dark roasted coffee, that has been coarsely ground for maximum flavour extraction that’s true to the flavour of the coffee bean.

So, you need to buy the best pre-ground coffee for French press.

This is where we come in.

In the article we’ll walk you through 6 of the best pre-ground coffee for french press to save you time and money, and so you can make great tasting French press coffee brews.

What is the Best Roast Level for French Press?

For a perfect cup of coffee, you need to buy the best coffee roast. In the case of the French press, the method of brewing is not at all different.

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Here are some varieties of roast levels as you should know which is the best for the French press coffee.

Light flavour roast:

Lightly roasted coffee beans are light brown. It tastes a little bitter and you can notice the oily outside of the beans in this specific coffee roast. 

These coffee beans have a very soft and delicate flavour. So, it is not necessarily the best choice for the French press coffee. 

But everyone’s taste is different. So, if you like the flavour of light roast in your French press coffee then, you can avoid the milk, as the taste of milk may overpower the flavour of the coffee bean profile.

Medium flavour roast:

This coffee bean is slightly dark and deep in colour. These coffee beans are bare and dry and you do not see much oil on the surface of the beans. 

It takes the longest roasting time and the longer period of roasting can enhance the aroma and flavour of this specific coffee bean. 

This is a great available roast for the French press. Medium roast is better than a light roast for this particular brewing method, and therefore, medium roast is the perfect gift for a French press coffee fan.

Coffee Roast infographic

Medium-dark flavour roast:

This coffee roast is slightly darker than the last one. You can see more oil on the surface of the coffee beans. 

These beans have so much flavour and body. You can get to taste the floral, nutty and chocolate flavours. 

This is the best bean for the French press. You can also add milk to this coffee, and it will not hamper the taste of your coffee bean profile.

Dark flavour roast:

In the case of the dark roast coffee beans, you can see much more of the natural oils on the surface. 

The dark roast is black in colour. You can taste some kinds of robust flavours in these coffee beans. It takes a longer period of time for roasting and for that you can taste some sort of bitterness from these specific coffee beans. 

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Tastes converge towards chocolatey darkness, roasted nuts, and caramel, with little in the way of floral, berry, fruit, and citrus, as those flavours generally have been burnt off or overshadowed by the flavour of full caramelisation.

But dark roast is best for espresso and not so suitable for the French press. However, if you love the taste of strong coffee, then you can carry on with dark roast beans by adding milk in it.

What is the best pre-ground coffee for French Press?

Here is a full list of our top 6 pre-ground coffee for the French press:

1. Amazon Fresh Ground Coffee

amazon  fresh pre-ground coffee

Do you like a cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning? If you love it,  then you will find the Colombia coffee ground by Amazon Fresh highly refreshing and energetic as well. 

This coffee is 100% Arabica, and you can get the aroma of citrus. Some also add brown sugar and cocoa powder to add smooth finishing and enhance the taste of the coffee. 

Above all, this is one of Amazon Fresh medium roasted coffee beans. So, you can get the perfect balance in the aroma and taste of the coffee.

Here are some key features that you should know:

  • Medium roast for smooth finishing.
  • These coffee beans are grown in Columbia.
  • This fresh ground coffee is roasted by experts and also packed in the U.S.

2. Royal Kona:

kona pre-ground coffee

Many people prefer the flavour of high quality Kona Coffee. These types of coffee beans are 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee. 

You can also get the superbly aromatic and smooth finish, some suggesting it tastes like it should be reserved only for royalty. It is the best and most popular pre-ground coffee in Hawaii for the French press. 

Apart from this, each premium Kona bean is selected from the best of the Kona harvests and then expertly roasted to produce a specialty cup of Kona coffee. It is 100% Arabica coffee and GMO-free as well.

Some key features of this coffee are such as follows:

  • 100% Kona ground coffee
  • It makes a delicious cup with a smooth, full bodied flavour.
  • Always fresh and offered to you by the largest roaster of Kona Coffee in the world.
  • This coffee has a low acidity level.
  • It is a medium roasted coffee.

3. Bulletproof Ground Coffee:

bulletproof pre-ground coffee

Bulletproof Ground coffee beans are roasted in small and various batches. So, if you want the best pre ground coffee for French press, then you can never make a wrong choice with this coffee. 

They picked organic beans for maximising its taste and flavour. These coffee beans are medium-roasted.

You can also get the flavour of cinnamon with the added taste of hazelnut, chocolate and plum.

Some key features of Bulletproof coffee are here as follows:

  • Medium-roasted coffee beans.
  • You can get the hand-picked full-bodied beans.
  • Has less acidity level.
  • This coffee bean is grown without pesticides.
  • They always keep and check the best quality control.

4. Intelligentsia El Gallo Breakfast Blend:

If you want to taste the best French press coffee, then Intelligentsia is here to offer you the high standard of taste and flavour. 

El Gallo has a round mouthfeel with a smooth, candied sweetness. Flavours of citrus and stone fruits meet hints of creamy nougat and caramel, making a thoroughly enjoyable first cup of the day.

One cup of this coffee will boost your energy, and you can stay fresh and energetic all day long.

Here are some key features of this coffee that you should check:

  • Caffeinated beans can give you high energy and refreshment.
  • It comes with a unique flavour profile.
  • This coffee bean is harvested naturally and organically. 
  • There is no trace of added preservatives.
  • You can get so many varieties in this coffee and can also be purchased as whole bean as well.

5. Bean Box Coffee:

If you love to try out different varieties of coffee then, you can go for Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler, as it comes with four different kinds of medium-roasted coffee samples. 

The different kinds of flavours and tastes of coffee will give a variety of treats to your taste buds and you will enjoy the flavours for sure. 

These coffee samples are medium-roasted. You just need to put this straight into your French press brewer and make your cup of coffee for a fresh morning. 

Bean Box is a perfect gift for any coffee or specialty coffee lover. You can give this box to them and be confident that they will love this gift of yours.

Some key features of this coffee are here as follows:

  • This box has four different varieties of medium roasted coffee samples.
  • The sample has the instruction of brewing and you can see the whole profile as well.
  • You can find different tastes such as hazelnut, chocolates and cherry.
  • The roasting process is different and unique.

6. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee:

Many people love the flavour of Jamaican coffee. This coffee is collected from mountains situated on the island of Jamaica. 

So, you can get authentic flavour. Apart from this, you can also get the nutty tobacco flavour and some taste of acidic citrus. 

This coffee will fill your mouth with a unique flavour profile, and you can enjoy its long-lasting effect.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is medium-roasted. For that, this specific coffee preserves its taste, flavour and aromatic scent. So, you will get the same authentic freshness while you drink it.

We have highlighted some key features below.

  • This coffee is collected from the hills of Jamaica.
  • They ensure the freshness of the coffee at the time of roasting.
  • You can get the medium-roasted coffee beans.

What is the best grind size for French Press Coffee?

When choosing the best pre-ground coffee for your French press, you must to consider the grind size.

“If the grounds are too coarse, you won’t get enough extraction, and the coffee will be pale and taste weak and watery. If they’re too fine, you’ll end up with over-extracted coffee or grounds in your finished drink”.

Alex Azoury, editor of

If you’re planning to use your pre-ground coffee beans you need to be sure you know what brewing method they are best paired with.

four images of french press brewing stages, pre-ground coffee

Therefore, it’s important to look for course pre-ground coffee, specifically ground for French press.

Standard fine grounds, prepared to be used for espresso will be too fine, and will leave you with bitter flavoured brew. 

Editors Choice

All of the recommend pre-ground coffees in this article we would recommend.

However, if I had to choose a winner out of the 6 listed, it would be the Royal Kona.

Not because it is a little more expensive than some of the others listed, but for the fact that this pre-ground coffee will provide you with an exquisite private reserve coffee, which is always fresh and offered to you by the largest roaster of Kona Coffee in the world.

Remember, the type of coffee bean is subjective, and everyone has different taste preferences.

Best Pre-Ground Coffee for French Press F.A.Q’s

frequently asked questions
Q: Is pre ground coffee the same as instant?

A: The main difference between instant coffee and ground coffee, is the amount of caffeine.

One cup of instant coffee contains 60-80mg of caffeine. On the other hand, a ground or brewed coffee contains 60-120mg of caffeine per cup.

Q: Why does my French press coffee taste weak?

A: A French press uses a coarser grind then drip coffee. If the grind is too fine the coffee will taste bitter. If the grind is too coarse the coffee could taste weak. So adjust your grind size.

Q: Should you buy pre ground coffee?

A: When you don’t have a quality grinder, it may be better to use pre-ground coffee.

If you buy in small amounts and store the pre-ground coffee well, you could get a better cup of coffee than if you had ground the beans yourself.

Q: Is it cheaper to grind your own coffee?

A: There is not much difference in price when it comes to buying pre-ground coffee or whole coffee beans. Many brands sell their coffee at the same price whether it’s pre-ground or whole beans.

Conclusion: Best pre-ground coffee for french press

specialty coffee, ground coffee beans, americano, filter coffee, pre-ground coffee

As a coffee lover, you love the flavour of fresh coffee beans. But if you do not have the coffee grinder, or do not have enough time every morning, then you can buy pre-ground coffee.

In this article, we have walked you through 6 top picks tested and verified coffee varieties for French press, all of which you can buy online, ensuring you are purchasing the most convenient way. 

French press coffee is the most trustworthy method of getting a customized brew. You can use the coarse grind option for getting the maximum flavour extraction. 

With the best pre ground coffee for French press, you can ensure freshness and enjoy the perfect texture of the coffee. So, now it is time to enjoy your cup of coffee.

If you enjoyed this article, read more like this by checking out our Specialty Coffee Buyers Guides.

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